Annapolis Woodworkers' Guild

Welcome to our website. Here we provide an example of craftsmanship and training programs to help the new woodworkers achieve perfection with modern tools and ideas.

About Us

Annapolis Woodworkers is a community of professionals who share their ideas and experiences with each other. We provide guide books for crafting furniture, decorations, artifacts, and more to help the new woodworkers learn the best techniques available today.

The Art Of Woodworking

Explore the art of how small woodwork can take dedication and precision to work.

The Tradition, Culture Of Woodworking

We aim to preserve our culture and traditional skills of woodworking and pass it on to the next generations.

Crafting And Distributing Of Wooden Items

Our aim is to create masterpieces in every project with the right training programs.

Constructing Architect-Designed Houses

Get the right training to fulfill the demands of architects in making precise and high-quality home infrastructures.

Participating In Improvement & Renovation Projects

Join our workshops today and meet other woodworkers who share their ideas and experience with you. Learn something new from each other in every gathering that we host for our community. Collaborate with other woodworkers and take up big industrial projects together.


Special Services

We provide guide books to create your own artistic woodworks. Become the master of your craft with our guide to improve your skills.

Wood Notebook

Buy the book today to learn the basic ideas and advanced techniques of the woodwork.

Woodworking CD

Purchase our video guide today to watch tutorials for crafting wood at your home.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Thank you for providing these guides to make my career in woodworking better even though my entire family is in the same business. ”

- Audrey Stewart