Is Woodworking The Same As Carpentry?

People who are thinking of carpentry and woodworking as a career often ask the question, is woodworking the same as carpentry? The answer is that carpentry can sometimes be a little easier than woodworking, but both kinds of work will give you something to do with your hands, and they also both have a lot of advantages over the other.

1. Price

For starters, carpentry is usually cheaper than woodwork, especially if you’re just getting started in the field of carpentry. You can buy materials for carpentry cheaper. You can build your own tools or buy them in a kit from most hardware stores.

Woodwork, however, is a little more complicated because you’re building something, whereas carpentry is basically just laying something on a piece of wood and putting on a finishing touch.

2. Number Of Workers

Carpentry also has some advantages that woodwork doesn’t. For one thing, carpentry is something that can be done by many different people.

If you go to a construction site, you’ll often see a large number of workers who are all working on something. They’re putting up walls or roofs or doing some landscaping job. That’s carpentry, and these kinds of jobs are done by people trained in carpentry.

But if you’re a woodworker, there’s probably only one there – you, and nobody else is trained to do what you’re doing. Anyone can build a shed in your backyard; you might even be able to do it – but it would take years of practice to be able to make that shed. And if you had no training, you wouldn’t be able to build the shed very quickly either.

3. Number Of Tools

Carpenter’s tools are a lot different than woodworking tools. Carpenter’s tools are more likely to be a saw, a hammer, a chisel, and nails. On the other hand, woodworking tools are more likely to include nails, a hammer, a saw, a screwdriver, a drill, a screw, and a chisel. If you want to be successful with woodworking, you must learn what types of tools are necessary.

Woodworking is one of those hobbies that require a lot of equipment to get started. If you plan on making furniture or other types of items, you’ll want to have more tools to use.

4. Projects

Carpentry includes building things such as boats, docks, and other items built on the land. Woodworking includes building anything from home furniture to sheds or buildings to build your own outdoor space.
Carpentry also includes building simple pieces of furniture, like tables and chairs. This is the least difficult craft to get into, and most people get good at it relatively quickly. However, other crafts such as carpeting, wallpaper, and painting can take years of study and practice to perfect. Once you have mastered carpentry, you can move onto more complex carpentry projects, such as making benches into comfortable chairs.

Woodworking is another very common craft. Most people who get into woodworking have been into carpentry for years and have a good idea of the basics. Woodworking will also help give you a good foundation for more complex projects such as woodturning, which involves cutting wood into various shapes with a lathe—then turning them over, so they look like something else.


Woodworking and carpentry are a lot alike. The truth is that both of these can have their pros and cons. Thus, you can weigh what you want to do between the two.acc